TM Grain Belt Swather
Save time and money with the TM Grain Belt Swather from Honey Bee

Unlike other swathers, the TM Grain Belt Swather works on tractors with front-wheel assist so a windrower tractor is not required. It easily attaches to a 3-point hitch on the back and front of your tractor.

With two 25′ headers, you'll cover 50′ of cutting space, getting crops off quickly and more efficiently. Laying a swath on the right side of your tractor, you no longer have to constantly look straight behind you to check on your header, just in front and to the right.

The TM Grain Belt Swather is also very easy to transport. The side header swings back with ease and it only takes about 20 minutes to mount both units and the same to dismount them, getting you out of one field and on the next in no time.