AirFLEX is an innovative draper header that uses sensors and air suspension to contour the cutterbar. This simple and effective design allows crop cutting closer to the ground than ever before, with minimal maintenance.

4000 Series Header

Meet the new 4000 Series from Honey Bee. This high-performance draper header feeds the crop quickly and smoothly to the combine, improving cutting capacity and pushing your combine to its limit.

Grain Belt Header

Honey Bee lives to make harvests faster. Starting with an understanding of material flow into a combine, Honey Bee has engineered a superior straight-cut header. Built on a design that moves the crop smoothly to the feeder housing, the Grain Belt Header defines harvest efficiency.

NEW! WSP Swather

The combination of the Honey Bee WSP and the John Deere W235/W260 Windrow Rotary traction units provides you with exceptional visibility, mobility and cutting power. The WSP is built on a platform that is designed to last and easily attaches to either traction unit and will comfortably match their high performance. Benefited by an abundance of hydraulic flow and cooling from both the W235 and W260, the WSP will also match the field speeds of each traction unit. The New WSP Swather is designed to last.

WS Grain Belt Swather

Honey Bee lives to make harvests faster and more efficient. If you have a self-propelled haying windrower, the WS Grain Belt Swather table will turn your power unit into a high-efficiency swather. Reduce machinery capital costs and increase your productivity with the Grain Belt Swather.

Rice Belt Header

The Honey Bee Rice Belt Header speeds harvest with features that allow the header to hug the ground for faster, easier harvests. It eliminates the twisting and tangling problems associated with conventional auger headers – the problems that result in poor combine performance, higher fuel costs and lower grain quality. Plus, it’s ruggedly designed to last longer with less down time.

Rod Master

With the Rod Master rod weeder, weeds that would continue to grow after normal tillage are either cut off or rolled to the surface where they dry up and die. This provides weed cover to help protect your soil from erosion.